Rubber Bands Make For a Painful YBYA [video]

This week on You Bet Your Ass rubber bands were the weapon of choice and it was PAINFUL. Tears were shed and microphones were nearly destroyed.

Girls team = Emily and Sarah, Sarah takes the punishment today while Emily does the bidding.

Boys team - Chainsaw and Boyer, Boyer takes the punishment today while Chainsaw does the bidding.

One strike for every wrong turn, three strikes you lose the game.

  1. Actors whose first name starts with an “R.” Sarah has to name 7 but she didn’t so she has to take 7 rubber band snaps to the ass. That’s strike one for the Girls Team. 1-0
  2. The order of the planets from the sun out. Boyer has to name 5 but he didn’t so he gets 5 rubber band snaps. Strike one for Boys Team. Scores 1-1.
  3. How many of Donald Trump’s kids can you name? Boyer had to name 4. Boyer did it, so Sarah gets the snaps. Score: Girls 2, Boys - 1.
  4. How about the main islands of Hawaii? Boyer had to name 5 and he did, so Sarah gets the snaps. Girls 3 - Boys 2. Boys WIN!

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