More Equipment Was Destroyed This Week on You Bet Your Ass [VIDEO]

We played a round of “You Bet Your Ass” today on KGB and things got violent!

Girls Team - Emily & Sarah; Sarah takes the punishment, while Emily does the bidding. Listener Eric rooting for them. They can win tickets to see a Padre game.

Boys Team - Boyer & Chainsaw; Boyer takes the punishment, while Chainsaw does the bidding. Listener Patty is rooting for them.

Ass punishment today is a pleasure whip. It’s leather with feathers and studs.

Boyer is wearing special pink panties today so we’re protected from seeing his ass crack.

If they miss a question, their team gets a strike against them. Three strikes and you’re out - you lose.

  1. How many countries were on the allied forces? Boyer had to name 6 and he only named 5 so Chainsaw gives Boyer 6 lashes with the pleasure whip. Girls 0 - Boys - 1
  2. Are these celebs I name, age 75 or not? Boyer had to name 4 but he named 7 so Emily gets 7 lashes! (Our new rule change!) Girls 1, Boys - 1
  3. How many celebrities can you name that end with a “D?” Boyer had to name 4 but he couldn’t, so he gets 4 lashes. Girls-1, Boys-2
  4. How many European countries can you name? Sarah had to name 7 and she did so GIRLS WIN! Plus, Boyer had to take 7 lashes!

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