A Mini Crossbow Delivers Massive Pain! [VIDEO]

This week on You Bet Your Ass the punishment was inspired by Daryl from The Walking Dead. The girls swept the boys once again so Boyer has to get shot with a mini crossbow 16 times!!!

Girls Team - Emily and Sarah; Emily bids, while Sarah takes the heat. Listener Tommy is rooting for the girls to win Comic-Con tickets!

Boys Team - Chainsaw and Boyer; Chain bids, while Boyer takes it in the ass!

Ass punishment tool today is a small crossbow with toothpicks.

  1. How many brands of ice cream can you name? Sarah has to name 6 and she did so Boyer gets six shots from the crossbow. Score: Girls 0 - Boys 1
  2. How many famous bald guys can you name? Boyer has to name 6 but he didn’t, so Boyer has to take six shots! Score: Girls 0 - Guys 2
  3. States that end with the letter “S.” Sarah has to name 4 and she did so the GIRLS WIN!! Boyer has to take 4 shots! 

***Boyer took 16 shots to the ass, while Sarah took zero!

Final Score: Girls - 0 Boys 3! 

Here is the weapon and ammo!

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