Legos Are Even More Painful When You Sit on Them [VIDEO]

We all know stepping full force on a lego is painful, but today on You Bet Your Ass we found out sitting on a bunch of them might be more painful. What's more painful than any of that? Watching Boyer try and do anything right!

Girls Team - Sarah and Emily, Emily bids, Sarah takes the punishment.

Boys Team - Boyer and Chainsaw, Chain bids, Boyer takes the ass play.

The Boys Team won last week at our Comic-Con show.

Ass Punishment - Sit down hard on a bunch of Legos. When you stand up - they should be stuck to your butt.

Every time you miss a question, you get one strike. Three strikes and you lose!

Questions all come from Songs with Lists:

  1. How many people can you name that Kenny Loggins sings about in ‘Foot Loose?’ Sarah had to name 5. There were only 4! She couldn’t do it, so she has to sit down on 5 Legos. Score: Boys 0 - Girls 1
  2. ‘The Heart of Rock and Roll’ by Huey Lewis and the News - how many cities can you name from that song? Boyer needed to name 7 but he didn’t, so he has to sit on 7 Legos. Score: 1-1
  3. How many celebrities can you name in the song ‘Vogue’ by Madonna? Sarah had to name 7 - she named 8! Boyer has to sit on 8 Legos. Score: Boys 2 - Girls 1.
  4. “50 ways to leave your lover,” by Paul Simon. There are 5 names. How many can you name? Boyer has to name 4, he got 5! Sarah has to sit on 5 Legos. Score: 2-2
  5. Julie Andrews sang about her favorite things. There are 7 in the song. How many can you name? Sarah had to name 4, but she couldn’t. One strike means it’s their third and they lose. Boys win 3-2!

Watch Boyer’s failed attempt to sit in slo-mo below!

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You Bet Your Ass on The DSC - All The Episodes

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