It Was 50 Years Ago Today!

It Was 50 Years Ago Today!

It was the most iconic walk across the street in music history. It took place on August 8, 1969. Everything you see in that photo from Paul's bare feet to the innocent bystander across the street have become legend. Coe Lewis and 101.5 KGB celebrate ABBEY ROAD and one of the most important photo shoots in rock history. Check out some of the cool videos below that Coe has put together especially for you!

The 50th Anniversary UNBOXING of Abbey Road

It was a love song written by George about his deep love for Pattie Boyd. SOMETHING!

Here's what Pattie is up to today. This is her Instagram!

It's gone viral. Check out what fans recreated on the 50th anniversary!

Paul performing in Japan in 2013. It brings tears to your eyes!

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