Rest In Peace Peter Fonda!

Rest in Peace Peter Fonda

Peter Fonda dies at age 79 from a long battle with lung cancer. God bless Peter. Legendary actor from a legendary family! Best known for Easy Rider from 1969. This is Little Tommy. It was sometime in the 90's when the Rolling Stones played in LA. I believe it was the Coliseum. I had great seats, real close up front and sitting behind me was Peter Fonda. Next to Peter Fonda was Ed McMahon and Andy Garcia. It was so cool to be near all of them during a STONES concert. I remember when Mick Jagger took the stage, Peter was smiling and standing and enjoying himself. Soon after that, a "ciggy" was being passed around. Yes, that kind of "ciggy". I look back and laugh. Peter Fonda takes a hit and sees me looking back. He passes it to me. I take it and I remember thinking to myself, you got to smoke it, you can't deny a joint from Peter Fonda and Ed McMahon. Rest in Peace Peter Fonda and thank you for the hit.

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