John Fogerty Robbed of Millions

John Fogerty still doesn't own his old CCR songs!

So, how can that be? It's been 50 years since CCR played Woodstock and in that same year they took PROUD MARY to #2. CCR had so much radio and chart success. BUT somewhere down the line, a bad deal with their record label boss, Saul Zaentz suddenly had John realizing he didn't even own his songs anymore. When his songs were bought at a record store or played on the radio, for decades and decades and decades, John Fogerty didn't get one cent. He was so upset about the bad business deal that he refused to perform any CCR songs when he was in concert. It took him a very long time to play any CCR in concert. Today, he does play his CCR. He's still mad about it all, but he just needs to live for 6 more years when the publishing right to his own songs reverts back to him. Those songs are his babies. Here's John Fogerty and CCR playing Woodstock 50 years ago.

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