Clint's Ride Club To Jacumba Hot Springs 7th Annual!!!

We took the 8 East to Old Highway 80 and through a few very small towns until we got to Jacumba Hot Springs And Spa, in Jacumba, Ca. We all checked into our rooms and immediately walked to the market to get water and snacks for our rooms for later that evening. The Wick Hauser Band performed for us on the patio for three hours. Thanks so much to them for putting on a great show. Most of us had dinner while we watched them play and then at 7pm, we started Cocktail Karaoke. That went until midnight and while many of us hung out in the bar there were folks hanging out in the mineral spa, hanging out in their rooms off and on and some just chilling in the restaurant. It's all very close together so you're not far from whatever you choose to do with your time. (During the day my buddy Mike allowed me to ride his BMW S1000RR. He and another friend of ours Clark, helped us film it. That video is coming up next so look for it.THAT BIKE IS FAST and it scared the crap out of me! ) The next morning pretty much everyone had breakfast at the resort before heading back home. Thanks to Jacumba Hot Springs Resort , The Wick Hauser Band and Coffee Corner for always supporting our rides and to everyone who came out this year. You make it what it is...FUN!