Boyer's Dog Goes to a Birthday Party [PHOTOS]

We found out that this weekend Boyer and his dog Brandi went to a birthday party....for another dog! This isn't the first time Boyer and Brandi have been to a dog birthday party.

Here is an email he got from Brad:

It is well known that Chris fosters dogs, and we are the lucky recipients of one of those dogs; Abigail, who has been mentioned on the show previously. We officially adopted her the day after Thanksgiving, 2016, so we celebrated her "birthday" the following year with a few friends and their dogs. Boyer is a friend and neighbor and was of course invited. Being the annoying people that we can be, we did party hats for the dogs, just for a quick picture, some quicker than others. Boyer's dog Brandi was not a fan and all that we could capture was a blurry image of her. Abigail however was (and is) far more tolerant.

See Brandi in her party hat below.

Here is Abigail in her party hat.

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