Rob Lowe Says The 1988 Sex Scandal Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened

In a recent 2019 radio interview, Rob Lowe said the 1988 sex tape scandal was the best thing that ever happened to him. WHY? It's because he cleaned up his life. He got sober. He got married to a wonderful woman. He takes full responsibility for that scandal that would have given most people a jail sentence. Back in 1988, the scandal was the sex tape that he made with a 16 year old and he was 24. That's not good. The parents of the minor filed a civil lawsuit. In the recent radio interview he said he woke up one day back in 1988 and said what am I doing with my life. There were actually two videos back in 1988. The video with the minor and the video in Paris with a friend. Here's vintage video of Rob Lowe talking about the scandal back in 1990 with Kurt Loder.