The Ghost of Kate Morgan At The Hotel Del Coronado

The story of the ghost at the Hotel Del Coronado. Her name is Kate Morgan and this is her story! This is Little Tommy. I stayed in that room. It's one of the original rooms. It's a small room. At night, the frickin television moved when I was there. It really really did. It scared the SH-- out of me. You can feel the presence of the ghost. Legend has it that Kate Morgan was going to the Hotel Del in November 1892 to have a fling with her lover. They weren't the nicest of couples. There are stories they were both thieves. They both boarded the train to San Diego. When they were on the train, they got in a fight. It was a loud fight. They both went there separate ways when the train arrived in San Diego. She checks in to the Hotel Del by herself and her lover did not go. She waited for him and he never showed up. She would walk around where the tennis courts are now and just sit on the beach hoping her lover would come to be with her and he never did. She was seen crying at times. Days would go by and he never showed up. .

Kate Morgan was shot and killed at the Hotel Del. They never knew how she died. Witnesses heard a fight in her hotel room the night before she died. Who was she fighting with? Did her lover ever show up? Was it him? Was it a stranger? Was it the maid? Her ghost in my opinion is still at the Hotel Del. Walk those halls and you can feel her.