Ghost of Little Girl Filmed 'Stalking' Waitress [VIDEO]

A paranormal figure was caught on a security camera at the Lamb and Lion in York. It looks like a girl in a dress, and she is following a waitress who is clearing tables. Assistant Manager Lee Smith first noticed the ghostly image as he checked the surveillance video. He explained:

"The camera is close to the bar area and I was around there setting up after breakfast. I was checking the CCTV to see where my colleague,Mollywas as we were cleaning and preparing for the day ahead. I saw the outline of what appeared to be a ghost which caused me to jump back shocked, thinking, 'What on earth is that?' Molly walked past none the wiser, so I called her and she came and looked at the footage. She was as startled as I was."

It shouldn't come as too much for a shock though - Molly confessed to feeling "someone behind her" and customers have even reported strange things at the pub before, like hearing a child crying in the empty rooms upstairs.