Happy Birthday Coe Lewis

It's Little Tommy! I've always wanted to write something special for Coe Lewis because working with her is really really cool. There's no better time to write something up than on the eve of her birthday. Happy birthday Coe! Growing up in San Diego it's really cool to be on the station I grew up listening to. It's really cool to work with someone that I actually listened to even when I was on a competing radio station.

COE LEWIS born on November 20th. Here's what I know about her, just from the time we spend together on KGB.

She was born in Houston, but raised in Ethiopia until her early teens. Her dad was like a hotel dude so they traveled and lived all over the world from Lebanon, Spain, Belgium to Kansas City.

She was a tennis stud and a model with legs up to her neck.

She loves animals and is of course a vegetarian. She loves her boyfriend Mitch and she is passionate about saving elephants in Africa. She has a foundation called NSEFU and she is changing the world.

Her knowledge of rock and roll makes her a legit historian. Her love for KGB runs through her blood.

From 3-7pm, is my time with Coe. We work hard to give KGB listeners what they want and that's the music. I often tell Coe that being with her from 3-7pm is special to me on and off the air.

She is the First Lady of KGB. She is San Diego's Queen of Rock,

Happy birthday Coe! On behalf of everyone that has ever listened to KGB, we love you!

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