Exclusive Wonderfront San Diego Photos and Video

Wonderfront photos and video! Congratulations to Ernie Hahn, Brad Raulston, and Paul Thornton, the three founders of the music and arts festival. I was there and had the greatest time. What was cool was my 22 year old son was there and he equally had a great time. The vision that the 3 founders had to put this on became a reality. They did this for us. They did this for San Diego. Wonderfront 2020 is already being worked on. It irritates me when certain news stations say that residents in Coronado said the music was too loud. Well, of course it was. It's a music festival. That's what suppose to happen. Check out the cool photos and video. Little Tommy Sablan

The 3 founders of Wonderfront. Ernie Hahn, Brad Raulston, and Paul Thornton. Photo courtesy of Ernie Hahn


Aerial shot courtesy of Ernie Hahn

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