Not One But Two Great Face Tattoo Mugshots!

Today's mugshot theme is hard to miss criminals with face tattoos! One criminal is a self-named pothead and the other knows that "crime pays!"

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is seeking help to apprehend Douglas Perry Christopher on a warrant charging him with failing to provide law enforcement officials with his current address. Christopher was convicted of sexual battery in 2010 and spent more than 3-1/2 years in state prison.

Christopher is hard to miss considering his face tattoos! He has "Pot Head" written on his forehead with a huge pot leaf in the middle! He also has his eyebrows tattooed. See his mugshot below!

Our second hard to miss criminal comes from Indiana. Donald Murray, 38, allegedly led officers on a high-speed pursuit then crashed into a tree and fled the scene on foot. Donald remains at large. He faces criminal recklessness and resisting law enforcement charges. Donald his hard to miss with his ironic face tattoo which reads "crime pays!"

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