X-Rated Mush Mouths! [Podcast]

Check out the latest episode of our uncensored podcast "The Backwash!"

In this fun game Emily brought to the table, she holds up cards that have jumbled words and we try to guess what the actual phrase is supposed to say! As usual, we like it x-rated and naughty so we recommend you play along with those over 18!


Listen to the podcast below.

Here are the jumbled words and what the actual phrase is:

for wren shuck his sing = french-kissing

sick shoe well lint hair gores = sexual intercourse

hep pay ant ding = happy ending

hunk lie cohorts = hung like a horse

six dang = sexting

gin hid all owe arts = genital warts

hang ole sacks = anal sex

fay cub oops = fake boobs

slaw bees egg guns = sloppy seconds

mass tear bay gin = masturbation

ore holes eggs = oral sex

boo buzz wet = boob sweat

sir gums his shin = circumcision

sit drab pond hill though = strop-on dildo

wed he sured gone test = wet t-shirt contest

foo cub bud tee = fuck buddy

hay read hose = hairy toes

heck plan team owe gee = eggplant emoji

sid ton knife ace = "sit on my face"

den hinged hill though = 10-inch dildo

hey null fish ding = anal fisting

four neg age in = fornication

purry match hurry shack yule asian = premature ejaculation

The game is called Incoherent and you can find it here.

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