A 12-Year-Old Set His Lawn on Fire With Christmas Gift [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

While there are warnings a-plenty on why you shouldn't purchase an official Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas, one family learned that other seemingly innocent gifts can be just as dangerous.

According to Nissa-Lynn Parson, who shared the story and photos of the aftermath to her Facebook, her 12-year-old son managed to set their lawn on fire with his new toy.

"My 12-year-old son Cayden received a magnifying glass, which we thought was for reading, but instead he tried to see if he could light a fire with it," writes the Texas mom.

Fortunately no one was hurt, with the family using buckets, blankets, and their sprinkler to keep the blaze from spreading. Capping her post, Parson writes, "Instead of a tragedy, it will now be a Christmas to remember."

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