Clint's Ride Club To Biggs and Baps for Ashley. First one of 2020!

My first ride club of the year was a lot of fun. Even with me getting us lost three separate times on the short journey. Thanks to my buddy Tony, we got back on track. We went from Coffee Corner to Biggs Harley Davidson and over to BAPS Restaurant in Escondido. I led the ride group up to Biggs but was planning on following the crew from Biggs over to BAPS, via a longer route so it wasn't all freeway riding. I lost the guides within two turns so tried to find our way over there and failed miserably. Still great fun and we also raised money for Ashley, an employee of Biggs who needs our help financially during her recovery from a horrible fall several weeks ago. She's getting better and everybody made it home safely and at the end of the day that's all that matters.