A KGB Listener's Custom License Plate [PHOTO]

This morning we were talking about license plates and how Vermont could be the first US state to allow emojis on license plates. Listener Aaron sent us his custom license plate and told us what emoji he would use.

"I got these last year and I get stopped all the time and asked if they could take a picture of the plates or ask what it means.

The DMV people were laughing historically when I picked them up. The lady giving them to me was an older Hispanic woman who didn't get it. She asked me what it meant and not wanting to offend her told her it was for the sake of all California foxes.

Her supervisor was behind her cracking up saying he had no idea how this got passed the personalized plate screeners but thought it was great anyway which he proceeded to walk it around the DMV showing his buddies

So I wouldn't mind a fox emoji to put on these. Worth the money."

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