The Best Commercials of Super Bowl 54 [VIDEOS]

A 30-second spot during last night's Super Bowl cost a cool $5.6 MILLION . . . or about $186,000 per second. So which ones were worth the money?

A great spot for Rocket Mortgage featured a SCRAWNY and BALD version of Jason Momoa. It showed him stripping off his muscles like a fake body suit. Then his real-life wife Lisa Bonet spotted him while he struggled to bench press a bar with no weights on it. The theme of the ad was, "At home, I can truly be myself."

One of the best commercials was the very first one of the night. The NFL's "Next 100" ad actually blended INTO the game. And a ton of current and former NFL players had cameos.

Bill Murray starred in a Jeep ad that recreated a bunch of scenes from"Groundhog Day". The Jeep people posted it online before the game, but not a lot of people saw it. So it got a pretty good reaction.

John Krasinski,Chris Evans, and Rachel Dratch showed off their fake Boston accents in an ad for Hyundai's new "Smart Park" feature

Speaking of epic ads, Tide did a series of commercials with Charlie Day, who flipped out after getting a stain on his shirt. The cool part was that he and his stained shirt appeared in ads for OTHER products . . . Bud Light, Pepsi, the movie"Wonder Woman 1984", and the show "The Masked Singer".

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