A Real Life Cyclops Puppy [VIDEO]

A puppy has been born in Thailand with only one eye -- right in the middle of its forehead.

Dubbed by the media a "real-life cyclops," the one-eyed pooch also has large, puffed-up lips and a weird piece of skin protruding from its head that looks like a horn. Because of his single eye, the pup's owners have named it Kevin, after the one-eyed Minions character.

Kevin's owner, 45-year-old Somjai Phummaman, says he's been told the abnormality is a lucky sign -- so he's going with that. "Everybody has been amazed by him and says that it is a lucky sign," he says. "We are hoping that the puppy survives, even though he has a deformity. We want to keep him as a pet."