Footage Of The Day The Rolling Stones Played San Diego In 1981

It was Wednesday October 7th 1981 when the Rolling Stones played San Diego. Nobody went to work and nobody went to school on that day. Hail Hail Rock and Roll. I was a senior in high school barely 17 years old back then. Today, I'm 55 and a grandfather. Back then in 1981, Mick Jagger was 38 years old vowing to never sing Satisfaction after he turned 40. Today, Mick Jagger is 76 and from the looks of things, he will be singing Satisfaction until he's well over 100. It's 2020 and Mick Jagger is in great shape.

It's fun to look at this footage from an old channel 8 news segment. For longtime San Diegans that may have been at this concert, perhaps you can spot yourself in this video.

You will also be treated to the voice of The Late Larry Himmel at the end of the news story. God bless Larry Himmel and all that he brought to San Diego for many decades.

The Rolling Stones are coming to San Diego and it may be their final tour and YES, they've been saying that since the 1970's.

Keith Richards used to be known for living hard and looking just as bad, He's defied science by still living on this earth. Today, he's in the best shape of his life just like his other Glimmer Twin.

The joke meme that has been circulating is a photo of Keith with his beautiful young daughters with the caption: When They Die, Keith Will Get Everything.

The Rolling Stones are coming back to San Diego in May of 2020. They're playing the same stadium they did back in 1981. Back then it was called Jack Murphy Stadium or just The Stadium, TODAY, it's SDCCU Stadium.

Most likely many of the people in this old footage from 1981 will be going again in May of 2020, but they are moving just a little slower now and they have less hair and instead of buying a medium Rolling Stones t-shirt, it's a XXL.

The Rolling Stones play SDCCU Stadium on Friday May 8th. The tour kicks off here in San Diego. That means Mick Jagger will be hanging out in town preparing for the tour. The last time Mick was here he was spotted hiking at various locations. The band is also known to play The Belly Up as a practice gig a few days before the show.

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Footage of the day The Rolling Stones Played San Diego in 1981

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