The Rolling Stones VS James Brown 1964

With the Rolling Stones scheduled to play San Diego in May of 2020, there's a lot of reminiscing about the Stones.

It made me think of all that I know about them from the early days to today. Here's one LEGENDARY STORY that I wanted to share.

In 1964, there was a concert called THE TAMI SHOW. Legend has it that James Brown out performed Mick Jagger. Through the years, Mick is fast to say NO, NOT AT ALL.

THE TAMI SHOW was a concert that was filmed that included many acts. In 1964, James Brown was huge. The Rolling Stones were fresh out of the British Invasion and was on the eve of soaring to un-chartered fame.

As the concert footage was released, people saw James Brown in his prime and he put on what many say was his best performance ever. He was electrifying and his moves that he put on during that performance have become iconic and copied by many performers over the decades to come including Mick Jagger.

They say that Mick was watching James Brown from the side of the stage and was blown away and also a bit nervous because he had to follow him. As fans watched the released footage, they see a young Mick Jagger jumping up and down more than usual. You see a more animated blues singer doing his own version of James Brown moves. He was trying a little too hard some say. It was a very good performance but for a fan watching James Brown blew Mick away.

When you ask Mick about that performance on the TAMI SHOW, he denies any of that happened. As a matter of fact, he says that he doesn't even think they followed James Brown. He said there was a lot of in between time and other acts and the story that Mick was watching from the side and nervous about going on was a made up story.

Mick Jagger absolutely loves James Brown. That is fact. BUT, it does get under Mick's skin when people bring up the TAMI SHOW and how James Brown blew him away on that day back in 1964.

See it for yourself. Here's the video.

Photo by Getty Images

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