Who's in The Wrong? Airline Passenger "Assaulted" For Reclining Seat

Airplane Traffic At JFK Airport in New York

Who do you think is in the wrong?

Returning from a teacher's convention earlier this month, all Wendi Williams wanted to do was kick back and relax on her two-hour flight to Charlotte, North Carolina. Unfortunately, the person behind didn't feel the same way.

According to Williams, who shared her story on Twitter, the man asked that she not recline her seat while he ate. So she pulled it up. But after he finished, she lowered it again.

In response, the passenger began "hammering away at me," punching the seatback in what she calls an "assault". When brought to the flight attendant's attention, she called out Williams for filming the incident.

Comments on the video, which has gotten over 33,000 views, range in sympathy for Williams and rage against her for reclining in a tight space.

Photo: Getty Images

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