Rock and Roll's Infamous 27 Club

Today we remember Kurt Cobain. He would have been 53 on this date (2-20-20). Rest In Peace Kurt Cobain. Kurt and a list of other rock and roll stars are forever in the 27 club. They all died at 27. What happens to some of these rock icons when they hit 27 that sends them off to rock and roll heaven? There is no other age that comes close to this list of iconic rock stars.

For many years, it was just 3. Jimi, Janis, and Jim! Then someone realized Brian Jones was also 27. Then they looked up others in music history books and saw that blues legend Robert Johnson died at 27. The myth or truth about Robert Johnson is that he sold his soul to the devil to play guitar better than ever.

When you watch any documentary about MOST of the rock stars that died at 27, there is one common denominator and that's DRUGS.

I recall reaching the age of 27 and saying to myself, UH OH, I better slow down.

The list that makes up Rock and Roll's 27 Club are names that we hear almost everyday. We hear their music almost everyday.

Local bands and kids in garage bands learn and play their music and watch their videos.

If there is something to learn about THE 27 CLUB, it's to STOP living hard and wild.

If they stopped partying, would they still be here today? Who knows that answer! Did they sell their soul to the devil at the infamous CROSSROADS? Most likely NO, but one thing we do have from them that is 100% real---------WE HAVE THEIR MUSIC and that's forever!

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