High School Coach Fired For Dropping F Bombs in Victory Speech [VIDEO]

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A high school baseball coach in Florida gave an excited speech to his team last year after they won the school's first state championship in three decades. He dropped a lot of F-bombs . . . and when a video of the speech surfaced earlier this month, the school FIRED him.

Was that an overreaction for the school to fire him? According to the students, parents, alumni, and basically everyone else who's found out about the situation . . . yes.

More than 17,000 people signed apetition online to have him reinstated. And yesterday afternoon, the principal decided to give him his job back.

Quote, "I have made the decision to reinstate Coach Kenne Brown to his position . . . [he] has been directed to model his behavior in line with the high standards of Seminole County Public Schools." 

Photo: Getty Images

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