When Sports Is Played Without A Crowd

The NCAA just announced that March Madness will most likely be played without any fans. The basketball tournament will have ZERO fans in the audience because of the Coronavirus. The only people in attendance will be essential staff and family members. What will it be like without any screaming fans? Well, we did look it up and there was a Major League baseball game in 2015 that was played. It was the ORIOLES and the WHITE SOX and because of a security situation, no fans were allowed. You could hear the echo of the bat hitting the ball. Well, what will it be like when March Madness happens? Will we hear the echo of the swish? Will we hear the shoes squeak? It's going to be interesting to see basketball played without fans, BUT there was a time 5 years ago when baseball had zero fans in the stands. Check it out.

Photo Getty Images