Vista Industrial Products, Inc Needs Your Help Making Ventilators!

Cody Ackerman, the Vice President of Vista Industrial Products, Inc., wants to help people who are struggling to make ends meet and give them the opportunity to become a vital part of the war against the terrible disease. Read his message below!


I own a manufacturing company in North County, and we make parts for the ventilators that are in high demand across the world for NCOVID-19 patients. I am in desperate need of additional employees to cope with the drive to build seven times as many units per month as usual through at least the end of the year. I can use anyone who is willing to work, regardless of relevant skill or knowledge. We will train people. Current needs include:

Sheet metal bending

Quality control






Delivery driving


And others

If any of your listeners are laid off or furloughed and having trouble making ends meet, I can help them, and they can become a vital part of the war against the terrible disease.

Anyone who is interested should call 760-599-5050, or check our website, or Google Vista Industrial Products, Inc.

I hope this can help someone who is having difficulty right now. I love your show!

Cody Ackerman

Vice President

Vista Industrial Products, Inc.

Photo: Getty Images

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