Rude Woman Uses Long Stick To Ensure Others Stay Six Feet Away From Her

Many people are following their state's stay-at-home orders to help slow the spread of coronavirus. Most are only leaving the house for essential goods, but with spring's nice weather upon us, plenty of folks are also heading out for a walk or a bike ride so they can get a breath of fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. It's allowed as long as you practice social distancing and keep six feet away from others.

People seem to be respecting those rules but there are always some who don't. Of course, if a person near you isn't moving over it's a pretty easy fix - you move yourself father away. However, one woman found a different way to ensure that those around her keep their distance, and her creative but impolite strategy has been uploaded to YouTube.

The video, which looks to have originated on TikTok, explains that the woman is "tired of people not maintaining six feet." It states, "It's not six feet when convenient, it's six feet at all times." It also quotes the woman as saying, "Either move or limbo."

Commenters aren't impressed by the clip, writing things like "I'm sorta hoping that someone comes up and shoves her in a puddle or something," and "You could... move over."

Photo: YouTube/REMIX

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