Famous Recipes You Can Try at Home

Since everyone is stuck at home places like Chipotle and Disneyland are sharing the recipes to some of their most famous dishes! See some below.

Now you can have Chipotle's famous guacamole without needing to nod after being told, "it's extra". The chian recently released the recipe on their Twitter feed for those wishing to recreate the dining experience at home.

Get the recipe for Disneyland's famous Dole Whip here.

Also from Disney Parks you can make Churro Tots at home! Click here for the full recipe.

Ever watch a Pixar movie and think that the animated food served in the film looked good enough to eat? Now you can try those dishes out in real life. There's a "Cooking with Pixar" channel on YouTube that shows you how to whip up those recipes at home.

Photo: Getty Images

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