Girl, 10, Invents 'Hug Curtain' so She Can Embrace Grandparents [VIDEO]

Knowing that senior citizens pose the biggest risk of contracting and transmitting the coronavirus, a 10-year-old California girl has come up with a way to protect herself so she can hug her grandparents.

Riverside resident Paige Okray has invented what she calls a "hug curtain." Like its name indicates, the protective garment is basically a shower curtain fitted with plastic sleeves that allow the wearer to embrace their loved ones -- without actually making physical contact with them.

With a little help from her mom Lindsay, a nurse who works in a local hospital's COVID-19 unit, Paige used her time at home to bring her vision to life. "She came up with the idea, she laid it out in the family room and spent multiple hours working on it," Lindsay says.

Photo: Getty Images

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