Michigan Firefighters Destroy $90,000 Mustang [PHOTOS]

In a scene that would have made even the most casual Mustang enthusiast tear up, Michigan firefighters have destroyed a perfectly good Ford Mustand Shelby GT500.

The top Mustang model, which carries a starting sticker price of $90,000, was donated to the Dearborn Fire Department so firefighters could practice extracting victims from wrecked vehicles, the department reports. After crews ripped off the vehicle's doors, sawed through its roof pillars and tore its hood off, one firefighter said the destruction "almost broke our hearts."

The souped-up 'Stang was actually a pre-production test vehicle that wasn't certified for sale, a rep for Ford says. The auto manufacturer often donates test vehicles to be used for "educational purposes," the rep says.

Photo: Getty Images

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