Mix Up Some Party Punch Mix . . . In Your Toilet

There's a video going viral on Twitter right now that I HOPE is a bit . . . because if it's real, there's a chance someone's going to try to serve this to ME one day.

The video shows a couple hosting a party and making a special party punch. But they make it . . . in their TOILET.

The entire thing is just ridiculous. A woman pours ice into the toilet bowl . . . for what it's worth, the toilet looks very clean, but still. Then she drops in two entire containers of rainbow sherbet and some gummy worms.

Then she opens up the tank, which is empty . . . and pours in a bunch of bottles of Fanta, Sprite, and some Sour Patch Kids and other gummies.

Then to mix the punch . . . they FLUSH the toilet.

The video ends with them scooping punch into a glass, but we never see anyone drink it.

So . . . real? Fake? It's hard to say. And even if it's fake and they didn't serve the punch, the toilet mixing really DOES work . . . so you technically could make your own punch like this. 

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