Did a "Jeopardy!" Champion Flash a White Power Hand Gesture on TV?

After guest host ANDERSON COOPER announced returning champ Kelly Donohue . . . Donahue put up three fingers and tapped them against his chest.  People think that was the "OK" symbol, but Kelly says that's NOT what he meant.

He said he was showing three fingers asa reference to being a three-time champ . . . and ifhe would've won, he would've flashed FOUR fingers the next night. Helost, so his streak ended at three.

And he didn't just make that up. In the two previous episodes, he did flash ONE finger after his first win . . . and TWO after his second.

So maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt . . . innocent until proven guilty . . . but it's worth pointing out that Kelly pinched his thumb and index finger, and showed the other three fingers, which is the "OK" gesture.

And USUALLY when people make a "three," they pinch their thumb and pinky together. And usually when people are accused of being a white supremacist,they deny it, and denounce it.

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