Murder Suspect's Tiger Got Loose

A tiger was loose in a neighborhood in Houston. Yeah, an actual tiger was just walking around on the street. There's even a video of an off-duty cop who lives in the area pointing a gun at the tiger and telling its owner to get it back inside.

So who is the owner? He's a 28-year-old guy named Victor Cuevas. And he doesn't just have a tiger . . . he's also a MURDER SUSPECT who's out on bond. He shot and killed a guy in 2017 . . . he says it was self-defense, but he's facing murder charges.

Anyway, when the off-duty cop called for backup, Victor put his tiger into his white Jeep Cherokee and drove off. They were on the run until Victor was caught yesterday and he was hit with a felony charge for evading arrest. The tiger is MIA.

Victor's lawyer is already trying out some CRAZY theories on this. Quote, "People are making a lot of assumptions . . . maybe he might be the hero out there who caught the tiger that was in the neighborhood." 

Victor also had two monkeys in his house. Those are legal in Houston, but having a tiger isn't. 

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