A Designated Driver Crashes Into Three Parked Cars And Gets A DUI (Mugshot)

A 40-year-old woman in Port St. Lucie, Florida named Melanie Esclera was driving DRUNK after she went to a bar with some friends on Saturday.

She ended up crashing into THREE parked cars on her way home. And after the third one, her own car caught fire. But luckily, cops put it out.

And when they asked her if she'd been drinking that night, she explained that she'd just left a bar . . . where she was supposed to be the DESIGNATED DRIVER.

It doesn't sound like anyone else was in the car with her. So she apparently left her friends behind. But police did find an empty bottle of whiskey in the front seat . . . a brand of Kentucky bourbon called "Rebel Yell."

Her car looks to be totaled. And in her mugshot, she's got a serious cut on her face.

The police department posted photos of her burned-up car on Facebook, adding that, quote, "If you have a designated driver, make sure they don't drink."

She's facing DUI charges. 

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