Dave Rickards and Cookie "Chainsaw" Randolph Retire from Daily DSC Show

On Tuesday, Dave and Chainsaw announced that they will retire as co-hosts of the “DSC" on 101.5 KGB this December.

Although no longer part of a daily morning show, Dave will continue to be part of the 101.5 KGB family in an ambassador role, which includes appearing at station events and producing a new podcast to air on 101.5 KGB and the iHeartRadio platform. Fellow “DSC” cast members Sarah Beebe and Chis Boyer will continue as the hosts of the KGB Morning Show. 

“It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes a group of people come together and create magic. That’s what happened 32 years ago when ‘DSC’ hit the airwaves on 101.5 KGB,” said Shauna Moran, Program Director of 101.5 KGB. “We are honored that one of the most talented and entertaining groups of personalities in the business called KGB home. The ‘DSC’ has played a major role in KGB’s legacy.”

Throughout its 32 years, the “DSC” show has remained a ratings leader and garnered a reputation as San Diego’s most dependably hilarious morning show. The show’s long history with 101.5 KGB began in 1990 when Dave Rickards moved to San Diego from Denver to team up with Shelly Dunn and Chainsaw for a show that was initially called “The Dawn Patrol.”

Rickards comes from a radio legacy family. His father, Reese Rickards was an acclaimed radio personality for decades in Chicago, where for a short time father and son actually competed against one another. Rickards is approaching his retirement with a great sense of gratitude.

“Not too long ago, Chainsaw and I looked at each other and we knew it was time. There was no regret, no sadness. When you’ve been supported by the greatest radio audience ever for over three decades, there’s no room for anything but profound gratitude,” said Dave Rickards. “Having been the alarm clock for this city for all these years has been an honor I could have never dared hope for. Knowing that Chris Boyer and Sarah Beebe will still be here is sure to provide a familiar wake up for our beloved audience. Deepest thanks to the legendary Chainsaw and iHeartRadio, the greatest radio company in the world, for giving me my shot. Love Your Show!”

Chainsaw began his radio career while attending Fresno State when friends talked him into doing an on-air shift at the campus radio station. In 1986, he was recruited by 101.5 KGB and in 1990 become part of the ‘DSC’ show.

When asked about his upcoming retirement, Chainsaw said, "Getting up and performing these past few decades for our wonderful KGB audience has been, by far, the greatest privilege of my career. It’s been a blast and I’m forever grateful. It’s also been a blast working with the exceptionally talented Dave Rickards, Sarah Beebe and Chris Boyer, whose histrionics during the ordering process made it worth picking up every single lunch tab for over 35 years. Man, I’m going to miss that."

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