Every Mother Needs To Hear This!

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I just learned something this week that every mother out there needs to know. Once you become pregnant, whether you give birth to your baby, or whether the unthinkable happens and you lose that baby, your baby is a part of your body for the rest of your life.

Microchimerism ("mike-ro-KY-mer-is-um") is when there are cells in your body that aren't yours. As soon as you become pregnant, your baby's cells enter your body and you carry them forever. Your baby automatically becomes a part of you, for the rest of your life. And I just know that there are moms listening right now who need to hear this. I cannot think of a more beautiful thing to learn with Mother’s Day around the corner. We know that this can be a really hard thing for a lot of mom’s out there for so many different reasons. But to know this now, hopefully it brings some warmth to your heart that you so desperately need right now <3

CLICK HERE to read the full article on "Microchimerism" shared on The Today Show

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