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Meet Batman!

Batman was rescued along with Robin an adorable young teen who seemed to have bonded to Batman while on the streets of Mexicali.

Batman took robin under his wing and the mechanic who rescued them reported he would take care of Robin. That makes sense because its exactly what Batman's personality would be described as, a protector. 

Batman is THE most chilled little dude who is a total lap cat, loving and the best cuddler!

He and robin were very sick a month after they were rescued in April, they both came down with a terrible cold. After a month in recovery robin was adopted and sadly, batman is still waiting. 

WHY is Batman still with us? he is gentle, funny, loving, well behaved lover boy. He has a pretty quiet personality and excellent demeanor but you can also find him batting around little toys and playing with toys. You will find Batman by the food bowl or under the blankets, he loves to burry himself under the covers. Batman LOVES kittens and loves to play with kittens, he will occasionally play with adults but for the most part he is indifferent to adult cats, he currently lives with dogs and cats. He ignores cats, he doesn't show to be bothered by cats and is very relaxed around other cats, he will not initiate any kitty fights. He doesn't love dogs, he is ok around them but he will not be interested in being friends,

Batman is in a foster home in Clairemont and his foster mom would be happy to meet a potential adopter or foster for batman at the PetSmart in Clairemont, we do require a submitted adoption or foster application. Don't forget to ask us about our foster to adopt trials! submit an app

Name: Batman

Breed: Tuxedo

Age: 2

Sex: Male

Organization: Animal Rescuers Without Borders


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