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Meet Kenpo!

Kenny. KenpoCHOP. Kenny Poo Poo. Sir Kenpo McBighead. If the number of nicknames a dog has is any indication of how much he is loved, Kenpo is easily a favorite! He has a contagious smile and a tail wag that wiggles his whole body. Sign this guy up for a Instagram account - he knows all the good angles and already has a fan club ready to follow all of his new adventures. Kenpo is good with other dogs with proper introductions and hasn't shown any negative interest in cats. But, his first love is humans. He leans in for pets and wants to be as close to you as possible. There is no such thing as a chair too small to share. Kenpo is a lap dog! Kenpo is ridiculously happy for the unfair hands he has been dealt, always wagging and forgiving. He prances towards you, rolls over for belly rubs, and paws at you for pets. 

Kenpo went on a 2-week Frosted Fling and we learned a lot about how he acts in a home! Kenpo can be a grazer at times, preferring to eat his meals throughout the day rather than all at once. He sleeps through the whole night without a peep. Kenpo attracts a lot of attention with that big head of his, and he eats it all up! He enjoyed meeting everyone at any restaurant or outing he went on. Kenpo was great meeting any new dogs he came across and was interested in the cat, but never in a negative way. He has a good amount of energy for his age and still enjoys going on walks. His Fling mom says, "He is a really good boy that requires regular exercise. He would make an excellent sidekick for adventuring. 100% certified chick magnet. Always happy and will cheer you up on bad days. 12/10 good snuggler. He is the best because he allows for all the face squishes."]

Kenpo celebrated his first Frostiversary this year. He has been waiting for his forever home for almost two years! For his birthday this year, volunteers took him on a special outing. He had a puppaccino, went out for dinner, and even went paddleboarding. This guy is a champ - ready for anything! Kenpo's been waiting a long time for someone to make him the center of their universe; he will certainly make you the center of his. 

Kenpo lives onsite at Frosted Faces Foundation. Come visit him at Open House!

Visit us at Open House: Saturdays & Sundays, 10 am - 1 pm

Learn more about our programs at No adoption fees and we help with medical costs!

Apply to become a family:

Name: Kenpo

Breed: Pit Bull Terrier / American Staffordshire 

Age: Senior

Sex: Male

Organization: Frosted Faces Foundation


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