The Best 6 Hikes In San Diego

San Diego is home to numerous hiking trails with amazing views. It's up to you to find the trails that work the best for your skill level and determination.

As a place to start, here are the Best Top 6 Hiking Trails in San Diego according to the I Heart Hiking Facebook page

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Kwaay Paay

Miles: 2.5

Difficulty: Moderate

Kwaay Paay is somewhat tourist free and at just 2 .5 miles, it will not likely take an entire day to complete. Kwaay Paay provides amazing views , an interesting stairway, and an excellent work out for such a quick hike .

Los Penaquitos Canyon

Miles: 6.4

Difficulty: Easy

A lush canyon spot with adorable bridges, a waterfall, as well as historic markers, Los Penaquitos is an excellent walk for a any individual with a bit of time and a large amount of energy .

Iron Mountain

Miles: 5.3

Difficulty: Moderate

It is nearly completely flat however the distance as well as the scenery compensate for the shortage of inclination. It happens to be a very popular hike because of its amazing sights of Poway and the surrounding mountain range .

Stonewall Peak

Miles: 3.8

Difficulty: Moderate

Just below the elevation of Cuyamaca peak, its neighbor, it is typically passed up, however it is an amazing hike. Orange sand and also Manzanita trees render the hike multi-colored and vibrant along with the stair case cut into a stone boulder in the end, helps make a terrific payoff .

Big Laguna Loop

Miles: 10

Difficulty: Moderate

The duration is what specifically makes this a moderate hike because the actual trail is level. The remarkable thing on this trail is the panorama. Beginning with Penny Pines and proceeding towards the dense Laguna forest, you will skirt a meadow filled with a lake and free range cows grazing out in the open and clear. As soon as you cut across the road to finish the remaining 5 miles, you can expect to skirt the Langua mountains on the well-known PCT with an incredible view of Anza-Borrego. The hike is worth your time and efforts.

Volcan Mountain

Miles: 5.2

Difficulty: Hard

Volcan Mountain trail covers merely a tiny piece of the Volcan Mountain Range. There are a couple of ways up , the main trail and a smaller side trail however each are gorgeous. Volcan mountain is a steeper trail, however the pay off at the top is definitely worth it; with an enormous meadow as well as extraordinary sights of Anza-Borrego.

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