DSC 3.4 - Bromo's Naked-Lap Bet, Movie Disaster, Am I The A-Hole?

The DSC Show for Monday 3/4/19: Bromo's Naked-Lap Bet, Movie Disaster, Am I The A-Hole? and more!

Listen to the podcast below.


Here are some of the things we learned on The DSC Show today.

What’s that noise? Oh .. it’s the alarm cock. Ever do that? Get completely surprised by it on Monday morning. Us too. Welcome to Monday.

The guy who killed the mountain lion with his bare hands has more to his story. As if it weren't the worst thing possible when the guy who performed the necropsy called it a “kitten.” Now they're saying it was an “orphaned kitten.” Poor little thing. His friends will never let him live this down.

Emily gave us a quickie lesson in Numerology. Dave is a 2, which is all about love. The boys admitted that Cootie Catchers are just girl magic to boys.

Bromo is working on himself - he's way smoother now. He introduced Chainsaw at 8:27 this morning, so listen to the podcast above to see for yourself!

An unemployed woman threw a phone at her mom’s head for refusing to drive her to a yoga class! She's 30 and still living at home.

Colt and Summer went to their first movie together at age 3! Sarah was late getting there to see 'Mary Poppins.' First she couldn’t find parking. Then Sarah and Emily couldn’t find each other. Turns out - they were at different mall theaters! Then someone was sitting in their seats and they had to move ‘em out. Colt likes to sing out loud during the movie. There was plenty of chair kicking as well. Ugh.

KGB Listener Tom sat in front of the kids and got wet. Little feet and hands kept creeping near him. He thought about getting them kicked out, but had a heart.

Am I the a-hole? A guy was on a five hour flight said an obese man took up one third of his seat. It wasn’t working for him, so he asked the dude to pay him $150 (half the ticket price). The man paid up. We didn't think he was being an a-hole, just taking care of his own needs and speaking up for himself. Sarah said is was super rude to ask for the money, while Dave and Chainsaw said they wouldn't have the guts to ask and would have suffered in silence.

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The Death Czar did double duty today!

RIP. Actor Luke Perry died at the age of 52. He never recuperated from a major stroke he suffered last week. Perry has been starring as Archie's Dad in the hit TV show, 'Riverdale.' A reboot of '90210' was just announced on Wednesday with the bulk of the original cast, but Luke had not signed on to be a regular on the series. It's said he was down to do a few guest spots, but couldn't commit to more than that due to his "Riverdale" schedule.

Luke also filmed a role in Quentin Tarantino's upcoming Charles Manson movie, "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood." The DSC Death Czar says YES he’s in.

Also, the Celebrity Death Czar makes a ruling about actress Katherine Helmond who died on Friday at 92. She played Mona from “Who’s the Boss,”and also appeared on 'Soap,' “Everybody loves Raymond,” and so many others. YES - she’s in. So we have a two-fer going now.

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Boyer vs the team, punishment edition 1

We had a $5 Quiz today for: Boyer vs The Team!

Win tix to see Alice in Chains & Korn. Listener Johnny chose Neither so he wins!!

  • Question: Some people have 3 kidneys. What causes it?
  • Team Answer (Ruthie alone): Hormones
  • Boyer Answer: Bodies reaction to preservatives in food
  • Real Answer: Doctors doing a kidney transplant leave the old one in there. So the person has 3 kidneys.
  • Score: Boyer 11.5   Team 1 Neither 6 Total 8 games played

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