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Ann Wilson called our show today! The Rock Queen is promoting her new album, "Immortal" and her voice sounds as beautiful and powerful as ever. Dave says the best Heart song is of course, "Barracuda." Check out the above video of Heart from 1977 and see if you agree. Ann admits "Even It Up" is her favorite Heart song.

We learned that Ann was born in San Diego, but grew up on military bases all over CA before settling in Seattle. Dave told her she’s a bad ass broad. It was Sep 3, 1976 at the Pecan Festival when her first album came out, 'Dreamboat Annie." She performed with Mahogany Rush and Uncle Kracker.

You can read more about Ann Wilson here. You can listen to the whole interview on our podcast at the bottom of this blog. It started around the eight a.m. hour.

Nancy Wilson recently appeared on The Jimmy Kimmel Show and sang the Leslie Gore hit, "You Don't Own Me." It's from her new record, "Immortal." You can find it in the video below.

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Sarah runs over a bunny

Sarah runs over a bunny

Our Executive producer, Sarah, accidentally ran over a lil’ baby bunny with her big car!! Dave says her vehicle is so huge - she needs a tug boat to help her park. She was driving home last night and it was very dark. She was comforting a friend on the phone. 

Suddenly, a bunny stopped hopping in the middle of the road and BAM she ran over it! Bone crunching sounds penetrated her vehicle. She hasn’t been back to the scene of the accident yet, but she’s hoping the cotton tail won’t be the only thing left. 

Boyer scolded her for not hanging up the phone and paying attention to her driving. Dave had her read The Rainbow Bridge to make her feel better.

To end this sad story on a lighter note, the Death Czar said yes to the bunny’s entrance into celebrity heaven.

You can listen to the whole bit in today's podcast which is the last post on this blog.

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worst thing Emily put in her mouth

What’s the worst thing you ever put in your mouth? This started on Wednesday's show, when Dave told us the story of finding a live cockroach in his Coke. Sarah admitted to being on a big, party boat drinking shots. She accidentally mistook a Red Cup full of tobacco juice spit for a shot and threw it back! A few seconds later, she threw it up!

Ruth was also at a party and picked up the wrong Red Cup that had wet cigarette butts in it. Emily ate some awful food - sea urchin. And you can watch her eat the gross stuff in the video above!


Liz - While giving a pedicure, the toe nail from a big toe flew into her mouth.

******WINNER******Doug - prostitutes tampon**** WINNER

Brooke - has a bad cough so her doctor gave her an inhaler. Three earwigs were in it and she shot them right into her mouth! One of them got stuck - acckkkk!

*****Runner Up*** 7 year old Phoenix - His Mom's big black dildo! He thought it was a fudge pop because it was in the freezer! (We never found out why it was in the freezer.)

Ian - Hydraulic fluid - really corrosive

Mike - his Grandma! He paid off a bet that he'd tongue kiss his Granny!

Isaac - baby bean dip while changing a diaper.

You can listen to the whole bit on today's podcast, which is at the bottom of this blog. We spread it out over a few breaks.

If you missed our Joke of the Day, they are now being stored on our podcast page here. Click the above podcast to hear the one we played this morning.

Please enjoy the podcast of our entire show from Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018 on KGB-FM!

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