DSC Blog - Wednesday, September 19

Lash Wednesay

The Reverend Dave Rickards stepped into the Broadcast Confessional today to hear your sins on Lash Wednesday. The Sin Sinniest Sinner of them all won tickets to see Ozzie Osbourne at Mattress Firm next month in San Diego.

Sinner Matt - signed up his Mom for the monthly Columbia Record Club. No one paid the bill so Mom got letters from collection agencies.

Sinner Paul - snotted on his daughters school book, but told her the Booger Monster did it. 

Sinner Jennifer - went to a business conference and ate something awful for lunch. Then she let a big fart rip and she blamed it on the girl in front of her. 

Sinner Stella - was getting dressed up with her girls when one of them pissed her off so she hid her shoe. 

Sinner Gordon - vandalized his brother and his wife's yard with toilet paper and put Ben Gay and Icy Hot on his door handles and other places in their home.

Email from Ranger - Can’t stand Steve Poltz!

Sinner Randy - went fishing, caught 10-15 fish. Left them at a friends house all over the yard, and stuck ‘em in his windshield.

Sinner Lou - When the whore of the school asked an anonymous question in sex ed class, Lou outed the girl. She wanted to know, "why does a guy go limp after he cums?"

****WINNER****Elizabeth - was in a club in the big hair days in the 80’s. A girl near her was annoying her - so she set her hair on fire with her cigarette!

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Favorite & most hated Friends

Who is the best character on "Friends?" Who's the worst character on "Friends?" A new survey finds Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) to be the most popular, while Ross was voted the worst character by 71% of those asked.

Which male on "Friends" would girls want to marry? It's Chandler by 78%

Which female on "Friends" would men want to marry? Rachael (Jennifer Aniston) raked in 40% of the votes.

Who's the most selfish character on "Friends?" It's Ross (David Schwimmer) of course.

Who's the smartest of the "Friends?" Ross again.

Who would you trust your life with? More than half of those asked chose Monica (Courtney Cox).

Who's the most annoying of the "Friends?" Ross wins again with 62% of the votes.

Which one makes you laugh? Chandler raked in 57% of the votes.  

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Best song by Fleetwood Mac

What’s the best Fleetwood Mac song of them all? 

Dave played selections from the following records to help us decide:

Gold Dust Woman, The Chain, Sara, Over My Head, Rhiannon, Don’t Stop,  Second Hand News, Tusk, Don’t Stop, Go Your Own Way, Dreams, Gypsy, Landslide. 

And the team voted for:

  • Emily - Go Your Own Way
  • Boyer - Go Your Own Way
  • Chain - Landslide
  • Sarah - Sara
  • Ruth - Go Your Own Way

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We didn't win the lottery

Here are some of the things we learned today:

None of us won that whopper of a jackpot for the lottery last night, so here we are at work this morning.

A woman at CVS grabbed Dave yesterday and said, "Why aren't you on the radio anymore?" The unofficial attorney at law, Eddie O'Brien also had no idea where we were until he saw us on a billboard near a strip club yesterday! Please tell your friends, neighbors, coworkers and kids - we're on KGB now!

"Gluten Free Jesus" is the name of Dave's new band.

What’s the best Fleetwood Mac song of them all? We voted for: “Go Your Own Way!”

Boyer is the "Joke Whatever."

We found out a lot of details about the presidential penis! Porn star, Stormy Daniels described it as "smaller than average, but not freakishly small." She says it has a huge "mushroom head like a toad stool with Yeti pubes!" Yikes! And by the way, it was the least impressive sex she's ever had.

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