DSC Show - Friday, August 24

Today turned into ex-girlfriend, panty, Friday on the KGB! 

It all started with listener Rob calling to tell us we inspired him to try on a pair of women's panties. He heard the conversation earlier this week where a guy was into that and wanted to try it for himself. Turns out he didn't enjoy it at all. He said it was like putting five gallons into a one gallon container. We asked where he got them from and he claimed to have a pair on hand from an ex.

Then, a female listener informed us that Creepy Rob probably has other undies in his secret stash. She said you just have to let them go. None of the girls on the show had any idea men collected underwear from their ex's! 

Hence, a Dave's new band was born, "Let My Panties Go." 

When we did a round of "I Hate It," one dude said he hates that his wife made him throw away his collection of 15 pair of panties from former conquests.

Then we met our newest addition to our live show in Sky Show Village, Joanie. She's a former go-go dancer. She informed us that men keep women's underwear because they loved them and it's a little souvenir. One of the names Joanie went by was Pussy Galore. Her favorite song to dance to is "Wipe Out."  Dave found her so intriguing, he invited her to dance on stage for us at Sky Show!

To conclude: Women do scrap books about their relationships, while men collect panties from ex's!

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Today Turned into Ex-Girlfriend Panty Friday!

The Celebrity Death Czar was a busy man today. TV host, Robin Leach just died and the Czar permitted him entry into Celebrity Heaven. The co-writer of "Sweet Home Alabama" and guitarist for Lynyrd Skynyr, Ed King also died. Boyer denied him entry into Celebrity Heaven, although Dave granted him entrance into Celebrity Purgatory

Boyer also heard the great Harlem Globetrotter, Meadowlark Lemon had died. Well  yeah, he's still dead, Boyer, since he passed away three years ago! Worst Death Czar ever!

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The Death Czar was Busy Today

Our new, news producer, Brendan, wrote a joke for the Joke Czar.

Q: What's  the cheapest type of redneck meat?

A: Deer balls - they're always under a buck.

He's the new kid in town, so maybe he didn't know the first rule of joke telling -  IT HAS TO BE FUNNY!

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Our news producer wrote a joke for the Joke Czar
Sam the Cooking Guy taught us how to make double stuffed steakhouse burgers

Here are some of the things we learned today.

Sam the Cooking Guy taught us how to make Double Stuffed Steakhouse Burgers! Just watch the video below to learn how he does it.

Bromo bet Dave - the Padres would win the NL West by at least two games. We called Bromo in North Dakota to find out how much money they put down on this. Bromo says it's only $5, but that doesn't sound like the Dave we know. We think it's more like $100. 

We played a round of Summer School today with a theme of Back to School. Dave promised it would be easier than the last one, but it was as difficult as usual. In case you haven't heard it yet, our new producer Sarah says the words to her mush-mouth daughter, Summer and we have to correctly guess what the hell she's saying. Emily was killing it, until the very end when Boyer pulled the last answer out of his ass and won the whole shebang. That puts Boyer one-half game out of first place in our $5 Quiz standings!

We played our Friday game of "I Hate It" to give listeners a chance to get the hate out so it doesn't ruin their weekend. A lot of people hated that they couldn't hear our station very well early this morning, until we turned the mics on - then we blew off the car doors. But it's been determined, the technical problems we had were solely the fault of the listeners.

Boyer ran into the studio early this morning and excitedly told Dave, "We're sixty D-B's low!" We quickly learned that DB stands for Douche Bag. Thank goodness we got our signal returned to full strength - back up to full DB!

Listener Auggie had a tough year, a couple of deaths, divorce, broken hip and toes ... but he called to thank us for making him laugh everyday. What a great guy! Glad we could help.

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Today The Boyer Featurette was a super dirty limerick to celebrate the glorious waffle maker - on National Waffle Day no less!

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The Boyer Featurette on National Waffle Day

50 AND 80 … The ages of Ruth 66 and Orville Wright when she said to him, "Enough with the damn planes. Would it be too much to fix the frikken toilet?" Another Chainsaw observation.

50 & 80: The ages of Ruth 66 and Orville Wright when they ...

Please enjoy today's FREE podcast! And "have yourself a super, Southern California sports weekend!"



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