DSC Show - Friday, September 7

The Death Czar welcomed in and then dicked over the great movie star, Burt Reynolds. He died suddenly yesterday in Florida from a heart attack at the age of 82. He's the first of a new trifecta, since they always seem to die in threes. 

Boyer said so many nice things about how great Burt Reynolds was, but ended it by criticizing him for doing the remake of the "Longest Yard."  Emily found out, Burt never bothered to see that movie. He just did it for the paycheck. 

Chainsaw fired back by saying, "When you die, Boyer, we're going to start with spitting on your grave!"

Dave and Chainsaw both spent a portion of their Thursday afternoon by going down the YouTube wormhole of Burt Reynolds on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. They couldn't get over how cool the guy was. He was a full-on movie star and also close friends with Johnny. He looked happy just hanging out on that show and enjoyed whoever showed up each night. Dave noted the time Burt wore a bright red jumpsuit with a gold belt -- and Don Rickles walked out! Dave pointed out that Burt Reynolds was the epitome of cool and he couldn't think of anyone else who's like him today. May he rest in peace.

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Death Czar
KGB Sky Show 43

Dave Rickards and Chainsaw were interviewed by Whitney Southwick on NBC 7, Thursday. They talked all about the KGB Sky Show and what you can expect. Please watch it here. 

Some of the games you can expect to see during our appearance in Aztec Sky Show Village are Shoot in Your Suit - featuring our girl Sarah, plus the tried but true, Marriage Game, as well as the unveiling of the new Whip Cream Cannon! We look forward to seeing you there!

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Chris Boyer on DSC Show
Summer School

Here are some of the things we learned today:

"Chicken Pox in the Anus" is the name of Dave's new band with Sarah as the lead singer.

We played a Sky Show edition of Summer School today. The crew got tripped up on one main clue - we couldn't recognize our own radio station when Summer said, "1015 KGB." But Boyer pulled it out of his ass and got the win today. He won tickets to Sky Show AND Kaaboo for listener Jason.

$5 Quiz Standings: 5th place - RUTH, 4th place - EMILY, 3rd place - CHAINSAW who is batting 280, 2nd place - BOYER who is 1 ½ games back and batting 302, and in 1st place - SARAH!!

Would you rather: be on the "plague plane" with the measles from Munich OR be on the plane to Hawaii where the toilets were clogged so you had to pee in a bag? Almost everyone picked Hawaii! And yes, both of those things happened on a couple of flights this week!

Would you rather: Make out with Chris Boyer OR make out with the woman who had a bad reaction to antibiotics and grew black hair on her tongue?! Everyone of us picked Boyer! And yes, a woman really DID grow hair on her tongue from having a bad reaction to antibiotics!

Photos by KGB/iheartmedia and Ruthie

$5 Quiz

Please enjoy our free podcast from today's show on KGB!



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