DSC Show - Monday, August 27

Rest in peace, John McCain

The Death Czar was very busy this weekend. Senator, John McCain died on Saturday morning at the age of 81. Playwright, Neil Simon died yesterday at the age of 91. The Death Czar admitted both of them into Celebrity Heaven. That completes a trifecta with TV Host, Robin Leach dying on Friday. 

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Sharp Objects on HBO

Did you watch the eight-part TV series, "Sharp Objects" on HBO? Dave and Emily watched the finale last night and discussed it - without giving away the "who done it." Dave recommends watching all the way through the credits, because of the abrupt ending. The credits reveal a bit more. They say its very dark and mysterious and Amy Adams, who plays the lead character, is thoroughly messed up. Check out the above trailer to see if it interests you too!

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Kevin Costner's show "Yellowstone"
Kevin Costner's Tits is the name of Dave's new band!

Dave also talked about enjoying the show Yellowstone which led to a new band name,"Kevin Costner's Tits."

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Hawaii beat South Korea in LLWS yesterday

Hawaii defeated South Korea for the world championship in the Little League World Series, yesterday in South Williamsport, PA. Congrats, Hawaii!

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Which one of these wise guys released an album?

When it was time to play Boyer Vs. The Team today - Chris Boyer was nowhere to be found! We quickly learned that he was locked in one part of the building and couldn't get out without his security card. Of course, he didn't have his security card with him - why would he? 

So the topic was: movie stars. The question Dave asked us was; which movie star cut a record? We got to hear an audio snippet of the person singing. Chainsaw jumped right on it and said it was Joe Pesci. Ruthie and Sarah couldn't tell if the voice was male or female. But Boyer claimed it was Robert Dinero. Chainsaw was correct, so The Team moved ahead of Boyer once again with a score of 11 to 9. Of course, Neither has more than 20 wins so far and is way out in front. Joe Pesci actually has an album called, "Little Joe Sure Can Sing."   Hear the segment below.

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Paul McCartney had an awesome visit to Liverpool with James Cordon

A bunch of our crew watched the James Cordon special with Paul McCartney in Liverpool last week. Chainsaw and Ruthie got teary-eyed at the end, but all of us really enjoyed the show. Dave's wife, Nicole, thought for sure that meant Dave would love to see Paul McCartney in concert. Wrong! Instead of having FOMO or fear of missing out, Dave has JOMO, joy of missing out

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Does Pete Davidson have "butt hole eyes?"

A sports satire site sent out a tweet asking if SNL star, Pete Davidson had"butt hole eyes." It was quickly retweeted many times and Pete's fiance, Ariana Grande slammed the publication. She defended her man by saying Davidson has a chronic illness. He's talked about his Crohn's Disease before, but one doctor tweeted "butt hole eyes" aren't one of its symptoms. Dehydration can cause that look but as soon as you drink enough water, it goes away.

Ariana Grande says her fiance does not have "butt hole eyes!"

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