DSC Show - Monday, December 3

Here are some of the things we learned today:

Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the many celebs with kind words to say about the late President George HW Bush. Arnold says they were close for many years and Bush was a mentor to him, but then became more of a father figure.  He claims he got invited to Camp David more than anyone else.

Pop star Nick Jonas and Actress Priyanka Chopra got married in India with two ceremonies this weekend. First they had a Hindu wedding, dressed in Indian garb; then in a Christian ceremony. You can feast your eyes on the glorious pics here.

Astrophysicist, Neil DeGrasse Tyson is being accused of sexual misconduct. The allegations come from three different women. He's currently doing TV shows for Fox and National Geographic and both are investigating the charges.

Rev Al Sharpton, head of the National Action Network, is being paid $531k for his life story. That's really nice and all, but that's the charity HE owns! Very shady.

Kid Rock got in trouble on Fox and Friends TV show. He appeared a few hours before he was to be the grand marshal of The Nashville Christmas parade. He says we should be nicer to each other and calm down except to that “Joy Behar bitch.” That got him uninvited to the parade!

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DSC 12 Days of Christmas
Celebrity Death Czar ruling on Geo Bush

We heard from the Celebrity Death Czar twice today. Our former President of the US, George HW Bush  died on Friday. Actor Ken Berry also died this weekend and Boyer said yes to admitting them both.

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What did they use before toilet paper was invented?

Have you ever stopped to wonder ... what on earth did they use before toilet paper was invented. Well, Dave looked it up and here's what he found. Hint - it's not pretty. Each member of the team had to choose one thing or they'd get stuck with nothing.

  1. A communal sponge on a stick - no one chose that - yuck!
  2. Reusable rags - Emily - acck!
  3. Goose’s Neck - Boyer - literally!
  4. Ceramic Shards - Sarah - she gets a bloody butt, but whatever.
  5. Old Rope Dangling in Seawater - Cookie had to have this one.
  6. Hands - no one took this
  7. Ruthie gets to use nothing! Yikes!

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Double round of Boyer vs The Team on KGB

We played a double round of Boyer vs. The Team today with listener "Schmiddy" playing for double prizes  because he made a blind pick of Neither! He lost!

  • Theme: Sports
  • Question: Why were the Russians 12 days late to the 1908 Olympics?
  • Team Answer - Because they were late.
  • ***WINNER**Boyer Answer -  The Russians used a different calendar than the rest of the world. 

The Team demanded a do-over and for some strange reason, Boyer obliged!

Boyer vs. The Team: Listener Rick picking Boyer blindly. He lost.

  • Theme: Show business
  • Question: Because the screen actors guild won’t let anyone have the same name, what did Michael Douglas change his name to?
  • WINNER***Team Answer: Michael Keaton****WINNER
  • Boyer Answer: Douglas Michaels

Boyer: 12   Team: 16    Neither: 41     Total Games: 69

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Dolly Parton's hubby has fantasized about someone he’d like to have a threesome with. Dolly recently told Jimmy Fallon that he just loves Jennifer Aniston and thinks about having a three-way with her. Dolly quipped, "he can't even get it out to pee, let alone for a three!" Dolly did the music for Jennifer's new musical comedy, "Dumplin'."

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The song, " Do They Know It's Christmas Time Again" by Band Aid was released on this day in 1984. It's become a Christmas classic ever since and you can enjoy it now in the video below.

Rolling Stones
DSC Football Pool - week 12

NFL Standings: Week 12 - Whoever wins the Super Bowl 2019 or comes closest wins $50 from each player. Here are the standings so far.

Anna - Rams                11-1

Emily - Patriots            9-3

Chainsaw - Chargers   9-3

Boyer - Vikings           6-5-1

Ruthie - Steelers         7-4-1

Sarah -  Eagles            5-6

Dave -  Packers           4 -7-1

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The classic Christmas song,"Baby it's cold outside" was dropped by a radio station in Cleveland, Ohio. It received one complaint of "predatory behavior" by the guy in the song. The station's Facebook page was packed with listeners who loved the song and wanted them to keep playing it.  Our whole crew wanted to keep playing the song except Dave, who hates when two people are singing two different songs at the same time - get it out!

You can listen to it yourself in the video below. You can also watch a video here that rewrites the song with alternative words for this #MeToo day and age.


We hope reading our blog made you want to listen to our show in its entirety here on our podcast on KGB on Monday, 12-3-18. Never forget - we love your show.



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