DSC Show - Monday, January 7

Here are some of the things we learned today.

We're giving away KISS tickets all this week on KGB! They’re coming to SD right before Valentine’s Day.

Lots of email about Boyer accepting 9 games in the Boyer vs The Team… calling him a socialist and a Democrat, Pelosi lover.

Double pay workday is back today! Text the secret work to 200 200 when you hear the announcement.

Clemson is in South Carolina. We really had no idea what state it's in when we talked about the only football game on TV tonight: Clemson vs. Alabama.

Our former co-worker and good friend Elaina turned 30 over the weekend, so Emily flew to Nashville to celebrate with her. Check out the photo of the two at Emily's 30th a "few" years ago. The Scissor Sister's reunited at last.

What age should a kid get his/her first iphone? Emily gave her son her old phone at age 2! Boyer says 14. Sarah says not until age 10. Clint said he let his boys have one at age 9.

Boyer is definitely crushin' on Sarah. Good thing she’s married. You can go here to our Instagram Story to see the thing he gave her to get on her good side.

Emailer’s  to DSC@101kgb.com wondered … if Sarah’s kids aren’t allowed to say FART, how is it okay to say JFC?!

You won't get to "hate watch" Lauren and Arie's "Bachelor" wedding this weekend, because they will not be televising it. However, a new season of "The Bachelor" kicks off tonight at 8pm on ABC.

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LA Charger, Melvin Gordon took an Uber ride in Baltimore and did some trash talking about how the Chargers would beat the Ravens on Sunday. He secretly recorded the conversation and had a lot of fun with it.

Win KISS Tickets
DSC Football Pool

And then there were three left in the DSC Football Pool.

  • Chainsaw - Chargers   12-4
  • Emily - Patriots -          11-5
  • Sarah - Eagles                9-7

Chainsaw calls it "the best sports weekend of the year" and it's this coming weekend!

On Saturday: The Indianapolis Colts play at Kansas City, while 

The Dallas Cowboys play in LA against The Rams     

On Sunday:  The LA Chargers at New England Patriots and 

the Philadelphia Eagles play in New Orleans against the Saints

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The 76th Annual Golden Globes Awards were presented in Hollywood last night and aired on NBC.  Comedian Andy Sandberg and actress Sandra Oh did a mostly great job as hosts of the three and a half hour program. They kept things light and fun, but had a few awkward moments towards the end. We loved Sandra's red dress, worn in the first hour of the show.  Pretty much, only Dave and Ruthie watched the show, but here's their impression of what went on.

Here are all of the Red Carpet Photos.

Here's a complete list of Winners.

Actor Richard Madden won for the Bodyguard, which Dave recommends

Michael Douglas won one of the first awards of the night, Best Actor in a Comedy for Chuck Lorre's, The Kominsky Method. He stumbled a few times trying to get to the stage and mumbled and slurred his words quite a bit. Might have been drunk. But at least he didn't forget to thank his lovely wife, the great Katherine Zeta-Jones. Chainsaw really likes this show, but Dave isn't sure yet.

Actress, Glenn Close was shocked she won and did that Taylor Swift thing where she can’t believe it and wasted time gushing over herself. Otherwise, her speech to empower women was lovely. She didn't want them to end up in a marriage like her character did in The Wife. Dave, nis wife and Emily hated the movie, while Ruthie ordered the book.

The great comedic, actress, Carol Burnett now has a special comedy award named after her and it was presented for the first time. She was quite gracious, classy and just the way you'd expect her to be.

Actress Amy Adams was nominated for two awards, but got nothing.

Actress Regina King won Best Supporting Actress for If Beale Street Could Talk. Ruth and Emily loved her  pink sparkly gown.

Co-host, Sandra Oh was excited to win and award and thanked her parents in Korean. Her Dad stood up and applauded her, which was adorable. Dave says her show, Killing Eve is fantastic.

Actor, Rami Malek  won for playing Freddie Mercury, while his film, Bohemian Rhapsody won fro best picture. 

Lady Gaga won Best Original Song, but nothing for her first acting role in A Star Is Born.

Christian Bale won best actor for his role as Dick Cheney in Vice and thanked Satan for inspiring him.

Actor, Jeff Bridges won the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award. They showed a ton of clips from his very large body of work. He seemed really grateful and happy to win.

You can go here to see the complete list of winners, the red carpet fashions and all things GG 2019.

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First game of Summer School for 2019

Today, we kicked off the first game of Summer School for 2019.                           

$5 Quiz: Summer School Listener NICK wins tickets to KISS in SD in Feb.  

Category: New year, new stuff - words and phrases with new in them. Here are the words we had to guess what the lil' mushmouth was saying.

New Years Eve       New Year New You     New York      New Guinea  Newspaper        Newton     Newborn New Zealand     New Hampshire     New Jersey     Newfoundland    New Mexico    Newlyweds  

Winning word - News Anchor    *******Emily wins******

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Win $1,000

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