DSC Show - Monday, October 1

Did Sam The Cooking Guy say the F-word on our show on Friday?  

We had a contest today to find the Weirdest Family Story. You can hear the craziness in today's podcast below.

Grandpa would sit in his chair with a blanket covering his lap because he was pants-less. When he had to get up, he's say, "Red light." Then when he thought it was safe for them to look he'd say, "Green light." But it was never safe to look.

Family rates your prayer said at the start of dinner.

Dad has a glass eye. He’d throw it in the pool when kids would dive for quarters. 

Grandparents were wearing each others dentures. EEeeewwww!

Sister cleaned out her hair brush and sent it to the other sister, who is grossed out by it and vomits on sight.

Sarah puts her hair outside so the birds can use it to build nests. 

Dad dumped what's left of his choc milkshake on his Jeep because he was going to the carwash anyway. 

Brothers were playing in a soccer game. Their grandfather swore in Italian at the ref who returned fire.

Parents had to stop going to Costco because they always fought. Dad drove a cart and nipped at mom’s heels and told her to move it!

Joe - Mom and brother always hold hands, rub his legs - way too affectionate with each other.

Glenn - His Mom comes to visit from back east and steals stuff from restaurants - spoons, pepper grinder, whatever. 

Rob - His Dad’s bro died so he married his sister in law. 

Tammy - takes hair from her brush and put it outside for the birds.

 Jessica -  Brushes her hair outside for the birds.

*******First place****Miranda - her MIL chews gum and puts it on the phone and leaves it there. So when someone else uses the phone - there’s wads of used gum on it. ******winner**********

*****Second place****Woody - His Dad makes them all watch disaster/kill movies on Christmas Day after opening presents.

Boyer voted for Wendy - Her Dad was on a ladder in the living room painting the room - naked. Didn’t want to get paint on his clothes. 

Another Wendy - On Christmas morning everyone has to travel to others homes and open presents in their pajamas no matter what time it was or how many houses they go to.

Will - Toilet paper must not be flushed down the toilet! So it was normal to be sitting there with a basket full of fouled paper. He didn’t know it was weird until his girlfriend came over and told him when he was 16.

Zack -In elementary school, he rode his bike and saw his Dad through the picture window - with a woman on all fours, spanking her! Dad would give him $20 to spend the night at a friends house. 

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A fan atop the Green Monster threw back Yankee, Giancarlo Stanton's homer and hit him on a hop! Stanton tipped his cap to the kid and made his way around the bases. It's pretty impressive to watch.

Here are some of the things we learned today

Here are some of the things we learned on the show today:

Dave and Chainsaw are watching the western, "Godless" on Netflix and really liking it.

Listener Eric loves talking to a lady online and getting an immediate, flirty response only to get ghosted. After he sent his dic pic, she disappeared. 

Our Death Czar says YES to death of Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane. (His most successful single was “Hearts.”)

Death Czar says no to local news anchor from KUSI, Fred Saxon. But he IS welcome into Dave’s Purgatory Party. 

Melissa Lenz entered a frat house in OKC where she stole hundreds of dollars, car keys and then pooped in the middle of the room. She might’ve gotten away with it, but got caught in mid-hang. She screamed and pulled up her pants. Escaped the house through an open window. She was later located and arrested. 

In the midst of a robbery: Would you rather they stole hundreds of dollars and your car keys OR they pooped in the room? 

  • Emily, Chainsaw, Ruth chose the poop.
  • Boyer wants them to steal his money and keys.

Listener Tom - was the hot air balloon pilot for Cups for Commies 25 years ago. He lives in Hawaii where there are frequent sharks attacks. He's even lost friends from shark bites in Hawaii. 

The first showing of "The Last Man Standing" on Fox got more viewers this week than other new shows. It's only new to Fox after originally moving from ABC to Country Music Television.

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Have we turned into Scaredy Cat parents?

Are we a nation of scaredy cats? Are parents today more fearful than our parents were? We think yes!

  • 53% said they stayed home alone at age 10. Today only 36% allow that.
  • 70% Walked or biked to school alone at 10. Today less than half.
  • 51%  Play in a public park alone. Today only 26%.
  • 100% Play in your own yard alone. Today only 78%.
  • 44 % Go trick or treating alone at 10. . Today only 24%.

Last year one listeners wife got very upset when toddlers came to the door on Halloween! She wants to see the parents will the kids!

A White van going through the neighborhood turned out to be an Amazon truck - not the boogie man! 

We concluded that massive amounts of info now available make parents more afraid of everything!

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Here is the third edition of our after the show, uncensored podcast, The Backwash! Please enjoy and know it's not safe for work! The next Backwash will be posted tomorrow, Tuesday, 10-2-18.


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